March 2012 Workshop

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Workshops on Technology-Enhanced and Open Education

March 28-31, 2012
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The main goal of this workshop is to start implementing faculty- and curriculum-development activities based on MIT’s Open Education Resources such as OpenCourseWare and Software Tools for Academics and Researchers. How can these resources be most constructively used to improve STEM courses in Haiti? How can similar resources be designed in situ by educators in Haiti and become fully functional?

The training will be based on a specific sample of courses from MIT. For this first workshop, the sample will consist of biology and physics courses. We will organize hands-on exercises based on these resources. We will also have a general planning session to determine next steps. This planning session will incorporate the feedback of university administrators and funding agencies. What are the infrastructure, support and other resources needed to move beyond this initial workshop in Port-au-Prince? How is such effort to be implemented on a larger scale, beyond the audience at the workshop?


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